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Akute is delighted to provide you best technical supports for over all technlogies like Mircosoft, Open Source and Datbases you used. Our technical expertise makes optimal use of the information given by our client and set all our expertise to take it to the next level.

Leverage our in-depth understanding of principal business stacks and extensive experience in the leading technologies for business software solutions.

Server Configuration and Maintenance

Servers are the important factors for any business network. It should be configured and maintained properly, because servers are the strength of all organizations and are important to staying in business and staying profitable.
Sometimes clients having purchased dedicated servers from hosting space providers, clients often have to face the problem of unsatisfactory customer service. Often such services are subscription-based and so many companies opt-out due to high subscription fees.
If you are looking for new server or going to migrate your existing server to new hardware. We will help you to setup it for you. You can consider on your business and your server related task will be manage by us in nominal fee.The Akute team of professionals gives you full server installation and maintenances support for your bussines. We will configure, upgrade and migrate your web server and data server if you needs. Windows Server , Linux Server, CPanel and many more.

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is one off the main focus area for Akute and we provides server virtualization services to our clients across the globe. Now a days server virtualization is hot cake in the market, if you are looking for virtulization and 99.99% down time you can go with virtualization like (VMWare, Virtual Box).We will help you to setup and manage your virtual environment.
Akute’s server virtualization service lets you run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, with each virtual machine sharing the resources of that one physical computer across multiple environments. Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on the same physical computer.

ERP Software Installation and Upgrade

If you are looking for profesional installation, upgrading, or troubleshooting for ERP software you are using then our techincal support expert helps on Microsoft® Dynamics, Interprise® Suite, Everest® and Impact® and any open source ERP software. We will assist you to install a new ERP solution for your business or if you are in planing to upgrade your existing ERP solution.We also resolve Everest software common problems like application server does not exist, printing error, System freeze etc.

Database Installation and Upgrade

If you are looking for  install a new database or upgrade an existing database for an application, Akute will assist you to install a database server in a new environment or assist you to migrate it from old version to new available version with your current data. With a clear focus on databases and extensive experience in performing installations and upgrades for small, medium and large enterprises, Akute is able to assist your organization.

Our knowledgeable technical experts have experience with Oracle, MS-SQL Server, MY SQL and many more populer databases installation, Upgrade and their preventative maintenance.


Database Backups and Restore

Akute know the costs associated with system downtime and the heavy dependence organizations have on their production data. We have experienced professionals for implementing disaster recovery plans to fulfill your needs. We will manage/assist your database related job/task to ensure 100% availability of your data in case of any incident. Database fine tuning for better performance.

Network Security Management

Hackers and spammer are always changing their techniques, so we stay up to date with the latest network security techniques, tools, threats and developments within the industry.

We will develop a comprehensive security plan, personalized to your specific data and network security needs, recommends right technology tools and services to safeguard your network and keep data secured. Our network security process are -

Network Security Threat Assessment: We take review of your network’s vulnerability to hackers, viruses, spyware and other possible network threats. We will report you on all findings security vulnerabilities, network risks, procedural problems and the resulting implications.
Also recommends for technical solutions, specific software, security Hardware, tools and implementation steps to resolve these network security problems.
Network Security Consulting: To imposition detection to firewall installation services, our experienced professionals will ensure your computer network resources and infrastructure are secured.
Virtual Private Network : Our network experts will design and install full time secure-access Internet and network connections between your work areas as well as telecommuters and moving staff.
Firewall Installation: We will install and configure a secure SonicWall or Cisco hardware firewall to create a secure barrier between the Internet and your network resources.
Managed Security Services: Manage your network to ensure 100% data safe in your network and accessibility.